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can't believe it went by so fast. yikes. only yesterday I just signed up and now it's eight years later and where does the time go

Lookie there a 300 picture I made

2008-07-20 19:12:24 by gorillazfan94

The picture I use for my page is something i did in photoshop :). 00-alt-80097916

Woohoo 1215 on wedgie toss

2008-03-25 18:45:26 by gorillazfan94

So I basically got one really high score on Wedgie toss 2 so
I'm Going for higher everyone

Woohoo 1215 on wedgie toss

after about a month and :drumroll: i went to New York and got to meet celebrities like Gary Coleman and Henry Winkler

I finally finished my 12 hour film racing Saturday on a 2min 32sec film called Roomate Wanted? I ended up only animating 5-10 seconds. And acted as a Child Prodigy skip a ton of grades kinda guy.
It's all narrated so I don't speak at all, but I could win a hunk of the first prize Ten :D

I may actually be going...

2007-08-22 09:53:22 by gorillazfan94

i might actually have a chance to go to Film Racing '07 in Philly, PA. Its this weekend and you have 24 hours to do it. i already have alot of ideas BTW new user icon created in flash :)


2007-08-08 13:05:54 by gorillazfan94

having problems with flash. Im continiously told to download it over and over on newgrounds and have not been able to view anything for days